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Nikolaj Larsen is back

Director Nikolaj Larsen is back in London, having spent the last year filming  in Europe ,USA and in UAE.  We are delighted that he chosen Sound Films as his production base and look forward to working together in the near future.

Dave’s films for V&A

Dave Waldman has joined Sound Films and here is 1 of a series of films he made for V & A.

Videos we like..

We are soon taking a summer hols & revamping the main web site.
Here is a brilliant short film we would love to screen at the next popcorn.

Pixels by Patrick Jean

John Williams in Edinburgh!

This month, Sound Films director John Williams is taking two films to the Edinburgh Film Festival, see the clips below:

Paraphernalia Clip from Sound Films on Vimeo.

Shadow Play clip from Sound Films on Vimeo.

Taster videos for ’1000 Miles of Parkour’!

Hi everyone

here are a couple of taster videos of what we have filmed to date:

1000 Miles of Parkour: Edinburgh by Peter Keith on Vimeo.

1000 Miles of Parkour: Manchester by Adam Baroukh on Vimeo.

Dawood and Tanner Delicious Tooth Cleansers

Sound Films have been working with Dawood and Tanner dentists to produce a series of videos for their brand new product – Delicious Tooth Cleansers.

The brief was to create something fun and visually catching whilst being informative. Here are a couple of stings we’ve cut from the longer video which you can find on the official website:

Dawood and Tanner Brushing Sting from Sound Films on Vimeo.

Dawood and Tanner Flossing Sting from Sound Films on Vimeo.

The product is being stocked by Boots and they are just been featured in the Beauty Editors Picks for this month!

1000 Miles Parkour – Paris leg

When he gets to France, Sticky will be joined on the last leg of his journey by the two co-creators of Parkour – Sébastien Foucan and David Belle.

Any filmmakers or traceurs that want to be involved, get in contact!

Friends of Sound Films…

It was great to see all of you at the Popcorn Evening – we hope you enjoyed the selection of films we screened!

Stand by for a Sound Films BBQ in the upcoming weeks…


Sound Films

Sound Films Popcorn Evening April 29th @ Envy Post, SOHO

Sound Films welcome you to our first Popcorn evening of 2010!

The first film will screen at 19.00 in the bar at Envy Post, 50A Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JW, 020 7908 4600

We are proud to be showing:

‘Monsters and Rabbits’ - “A short film about monsters, moon-walks and what happens to your imaginary friend when you make your first real one… ”
Directed by Nicky Lianos, and written by David Lemon. They are currently working together on Dead Happy, an original short for Sky Movies.

Monsters & Rabbits Trailer from nicky lianos on Vimeo.

‘Elephants’ directed by Sally Pearce – An adventurous children’s fiction mixing live action with traditional paint on glass animation and 2D digital compositing, which is attracting a lot of attention on the Festival Circuit. (more here)

Terence Gross’s ‘Lady Of Sorrows’ – In an eerie, almost familiar, world a sexually predatory man books a massage hoping he might get lucky – instead he is taken on a strange and trans formative journey by his masseuse – who may be a living incarnation of the Goddess Kali.

Terence Gross’s ‘Lady Of Sorrows’ from Sound Films on Vimeo.

‘George’ written and driected by Chris Pencakowski – after its great reception at the London Short Film Festival, this original short has just been admitted to the East End Film Festival next month.

If you are available to attend please RSVP Adam @ Thank you!

Digital Epidemics: Tracking Viral Content

Where does viral content end up??

A question that often comes up in conversations about web video content. Hopefully this post will shed some light on the subject. We’ll look at some Sound Films work as case studies and couple of interesting projects that are currently circulating out there…

Wikipedia defines ‘Viral Marketing’ as:

“Marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness…It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet.”

It’s obvious enough that talk of ‘pre-existing social networks‘ and ‘word-of-mouth delivery’ means that the mobility and scope of viral content is very much dependent on human interaction.

The internet has now reached the point of enabling startling video proliferation and interconnectivity. If people like what they see, they will pass it on to their friends, family and colleagues. If they don’t, they won’t.

Viral campaigns now have the ability to target specific audiences who, in turn, can spread the campaign if they like the film. Food brands can reach tens of thousands of people through dozens of online food channels from UKTV’s Good Food Channel to Epicurious. Similarly, clothes brands can target online fashion sites. If a viral delivers, it will get passed on and spread. Major publishing sites and online forums are setting up video platforms as films hold the viewers’ attentions longer than graphic banners and text.

When a digital campaign is successfully seeded there are no limits to the number of social and commercial spheres into which it can find its way. However, before your brand becomes a global pandemic, a campaign built on inspiring, creative, and most importantly, original content is a MUST.

Case Study – Banco Gallego Campaign:
In conjunction with Blur Productions and Spanish agency Contrapundo, Sound Films produced three films for the ‘Friends of Fernando Torres’ Campaign for Banco Gallego in June 2009. It was quite a challenge to make Liverpool look like Spain.

Using Torres helping his real friends through an integrated campaign generated big public affinity for the bank. Also the teaser strategy generated big buzz in media and internet circles. A small campaign with low budget became one of the most talked about of the year..

Results: 300% increase in new funds vs. YAG. 300 Appearances in over 50 different media channels. Mentions in all the banking sector media praising the campaign. 100,000 visits to the deposit account’s website. A ROI in media worth more than 2,000,000€. All of this with an investment amounting to less than 0.1% of the banking sector’s total annual media spend. Clients flocked to the small businesses of Fernando Torres’s friends and the Banco Gallego as well.

Case Study – Oxfam Campaign:
Sound Films won the pitch to create Oxfam’s first campaign regarding climate change and how it affects less developed countries the most.

We worked with BAFTA winning filmmaker Ian Gouldstone to create ‘Face The Music’, an animation set in the style of 90’s computer strategy games.

What started as a UK-based campaign became associated with Oxfam International around the globe and was then supported in 20 countries. As the film gained in popularity, cinemas across the country began to play it. Eventually the film was screened at a number of music festivals, including the main pyramid tent at Glastonbury.

Most recently the film was screened alongside a UNEP’s ’6 Billion Others – Climate Voices’ at the Green Awards Ceremony 2009.

Case Study – ‘Hibernation’:
‘Hibernation’, an multi award-winning short produced by Sound Films also gained attention outside the film circuit as Adobe chose to showcase the film globally as a case study in how their applications are seamlessly integratable in post-production.

The latest project we worked on was the Fernando Torres Pepsi viral last month. The film is already being host by a number of users of various video communities with hits running up to 200,000 views.

So what else if out there?

New, creative ways to inform, entertain and surprise viewers have taken hold as brands no longer find it necessary to stick to traditional TV campaigns.

Sponsored shorts attached to big-name directors are occuring more and more frequently.

Spike Jonze just directed a 30 minute short for Absolut entitled ‘I’m Here’.

“‘I’m here’, a 30-minute short film; is at the heart of the new ABSOLUT campaign, ‘In An ABSOLUT World, Ordinary Is No Place To Be’. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival on 21st January 2010…The collaboration between the acclaimed filmmaker and ABSOLUT VODKA reinforces the brand’s pioneering and culture-shaping credentials.”

Ikea have launched a hilarious web drama called ‘The Kitchen Squad’ hosted by Youtube.

“The kitchen squad: a special unit of kitchen experts on a mission to change the face of uninhabitable kitchens forever. If your kitchen has become a nightmare and you just can’t sort it out yourself, you could be getting a visit from the Squad.”

Thanks for reading – do let us know your thoughts, comments etc!

Have a good weekend.

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